Setting Up House

Here is the container that showed up in front of my home...yep, BIG...40 footer! Filled with boxes, many of which were not labeled. This can happen when 'some' husbands box and load.

It's daunting...all the unpacking. It's exciting Christmas morning. After a month, I have forgotten what's in those kagillion boxes. If Kristen could be here, we would drink dirty martinis and put on fancy eyeliner and mess around with my antique jewelry while we unpacked....and it would be fun. Instead, the ocean seems far more appealing than unpacking.

As the time ticks away....

I think about tropical flowers in bubble wrap vases...of course. And they make them, you know...

and another...

This can also happen when 'some' husbands box and load. 400 thread count sheet, found useful for wrapping large heavy mirror. Also useful to scoot along concrete driveway.

I bet if I had these sheets the black skid marks would not have shown so much. It would have looked like abstract art on these lovely sheets.....possibly:)

I love this chair and this throw, from cococozy. And this textile print by Kerry Cassill, for pillows, would be smashing with it. Not conventional....just the way Feather & Nest likes it!

These days flip-flops, referred to only as Slippers or 'slippahs' here in Hawaii, are all that my feet find a home in:) But these Olukai moccasins (Olukai is a Hawaiian based shoe company that gives tribute to the Polynesian culture) could find a home in my closet.

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3 Responses to Setting Up House

  1. You have such beautiful style…I want to live where you live…Well done girls!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Such a lovely little blog. Keep em coming girls

  3. Christen says:

    Fantastic and about time! 😉 Great job on your first post, keep em coming!

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