Leaning into Spring

Today we are thinking about Spring. If we lean hard enough into it, we are bound to get there. While it’s best to live in the present, some days ask to be Spring. It feels fresh and clean and was probably the season such sayings were birthed: New lease on Life. Clean Slate. Fresh as a Daisy. Bless my Bloomers. Bring on the Sun. No Spring Chicken. Let Them Eat Cake….well, maybe not…but let them eat cake, anyway.

Quite Continental. Lovely photos, style and life-style, blog!

After doing this all winter….balancing the weight of the world, with good sense and knowledge. We must be thinking about this….

This goes with this…..

(a Maya Moon bag of any sort, is always on our list..and artwork filled with whimsy makes our hearts sing.)

Maya Moon Designs

Embers of Old Spring: Amy Sol

Sun-kissed flatware


Let there be sun, like a giant Rhododendren!


Spring is a Hula dance on a warm day

Relax on your lanai and catch up on hula technique

Sometimes it feels like Winter shoots you out of a canon, right into Spring!

And color fills your world

pillows designed by: Tuuli Designs, She’s Happy and Maya Moon Designs

Memories of long days on the beach are captured here…

A Sea Angel sits upon Sea Glass

Let’s have a party!

Sanctuary, blog! Lovely and Unique.

…and wear this…

zara.com and also, Confetti Garden, blog @ confettigarden.tumblr.com/...Divine!

or this…

pink wallpaper.blogspot.com! Love!

…..and fall into a Spring fresh, bed….

By Fryd Fryd+Design, blog! xo

One can dream….

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4 Responses to Leaning into Spring

  1. Jenna says:

    Love it…bring on Spring!!! Love your new pillows and looking forward to taking new pics on your new beaches. =)

  2. Kris says:

    Love your new Blog!!! Can’t wait for more!

  3. bendgirl says:

    I can’t let go of Winter yet….land of frosty ears, runny noses, hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream, and a snowshoe trek under the full moon….

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