Over the Moon

She’s pretty. Sometimes putting on a little attitude makes us feel different on the inside which shows up on the outside. Today we are over-the-moon for a little attitude…and a few other things. xo

via-Pink Wallpaper

We are over-the-moon for a spot of color. Grey walls and that pink flowered blanket makes our heart beat faster.via-Light Locations

via-Light Locations

The light is beautiful.via-Light Locations

via-Light Locations

pretty much, perfection in a pot.

via-Emmy Star Brown/Etsy

Over-the-moon for this structured bag with some bohemian jewelry and a cable knit sweater.

via-Sadie and Dasie

A little Rickie Fowler-esque…monochromatic and sassy. Hand it over. Now. xo


Over-the-moon for She’s Happy cocktail napkins and Jonathan Adler shakers! No party is boring with these around. 

Jonathan Adler salt-n-pepper shakers, She's Happy cocktail napkins.

Vintage moon globe tucked somewhere unexpected. Not your typical earth globe.

via-Vintage Cals/Etsy

This causes Feather & Nest the need for an AED. 

via-Furnishing a Fabulous Life

Over-the-moon for a chair that holds it’s own court.


Easy, simple style that looks glam.

Rocker vest layered with more delicate fabrics. Monochromatic.


Over-the-moon for this breezy look. Hello Spring!


Beautiful craftsmanship coupled with superb style. Maya Moon Designs hit the mark for Spring.

via-Maya Moon Designs

Classic, vintage mid-century modern design. Exclamation Point Base/Anthropologie

Exclamation Point Base/Anthropologie

Over-the-moon for swim cap sconces and pink linen pin-tuck sofa.


…and sometimes being over-the-moon causes us to question.

So, we do this……

…and eat this. These are too pretty to eat…not that pretty…

Over-the-moon for the new Jo Malone fragrance, Wild Bluebell.

We are weak for great (heart piercing) love songs. We share with you one of our favorites… Waterboys, Whole of the Moon

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3 Responses to Over the Moon

  1. vlwmeck says:

    Very up beat for Easter Week-end. I love the light and color of the posts.

  2. Chelsea Callicott says:

    Like a drink of inspiraton for those who thirsty for beauty! I feel refreshed. Lovely..

  3. Robin Clement says:

    Dear heart,

    that was beautiful 🙂

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