Fortune Favors the Bold

be brave, get lucky

the bold flavors of Donna Hay

go out on a limb

When Kristen was a child, she traveled all over South America, with her parents and her brother, in a white VW camper. Then they went again throughout Europe in an orange one. Taped to the inside of each camper was a poster: "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." (by Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens) Be bold. Make your dreams come true.

give big, wrapping via Sande Chase

channel your inner Fortuna, Goddess of Luck, and take risk in design

Suzani punch, via SimplyTrendy2

risk = happy

fabric via Brunschwig & Fils

Manolo Blahnik wrapping via Sande Chase

Arne Jacobsen egg chair via chairblog

be brave, be bold!

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One Response to Fortune Favors the Bold

  1. christina says:

    Oh great. Now I want to travel Europe in a van. I didn’t know that is what I wanted to do. But now I do. I love Donna Hay and I love those industrial chairs.

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