Beach Groove

Something about the beach…I don’t know..the salt air, white sand, perfect little peelers for waves and glassy conditions, beach umbrellas, sand castles and warm rosy skin…all that..makes Feather & Nest want to design a beach cottage..from top to bottom. These are a few things that inspire our beach groove and bring out our sunny smiles. xo

walden surfboards

Barefoot and happy….and still able to navigate a skateboard.

These go directly into our beach cottage. Stat.

via-creamy life for Rose Hip @ Etsy

We, of course, need to be driving this when we show up….at the beach cottage.

via-Kasey Buick/Pinterest

While we are building the beach cottage, we need to be staying on property in this. oui.

via-dream-and-live irresponsibly

We typically wear this exact outfit when we lounge at the beach and everyone wants our shoes.

via-Tory Burch

We fight over this adorable Tory Burch bag. The one who gets it first, relinquishes the cute sweater over to the other. Fair is fair.

via-Tory Burch

Suited up and ready for a beach party soiree…at our new beach cottage.via-Tory Burch

via-Tory Burch

This goes on each bed in the beach cottage.


The jammies will be found in the armoir and these pillows (pillows by: She’s Happy and Tuuli Designs) scattered across the daybed. It’s the perfect beach cottage.via-Feather & Nest

Adi and Kelly Tanguay via-Feather & Nest

¬†We look smashing while we tell the contractors they are strong and handsome. It makes the job get done faster…so we can enjoy the beach cottage.via-shop planet blue

via-shop planet blue

This makes us want more fingers.via-Cathy Waterman

via-Cathy Waterman

We might be found wearing this at the Farmers Market….after a long day working on the beach cottage.

via-pink wallpaper

This bracelet fits perfectly around our hearts when it’s not on our wrists.


Long days in the warm sun, working on the beach cottage requires some eye shelter. These shades suit us well.

via-Ray Ban

Each bathroom will be outfitted with turkish towels which also serve as wraps, in our beach cottage.

Bath Style-Etsy

via-Tells His Fairytale

Chairs like this scattered around a table…at our beach cottage.


We will definitely be wearing these when we answer the door of our beach cottage.


Seashell-like italian porcelain fills the cupboards and holds heaping bowls of ice cream, quite nicely.


These must definitely be shared with guests at our beach cottage.

via-Terra Savvy

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5 Responses to Beach Groove

  1. Robin Clement says:

    Love it! I want a the beach cottage!

  2. Sheryl says:

    I love this blog. So creative and fun with great ideas. I am inspired. Keep up the great work.

  3. Okay Jamie…now I get it!!!! I want it all! Great finds!

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