You’re the Cream in My Coffee

no one makes cafe au lait like the French
pour moi, si vous plait!
Maison HAND via Emmassblog

just a splash of cream, via etsy

no need for sugar... this already is sweet. via etsy

coffee and cream in design: hot and cold, warm and cool, dark and light. delicious design. via Arianna Belle

you could marry the cream to your coffee in this
via etsy

off to your party... via ohhellofriendblog

wearing an enormous brown topaz vintage ring or a treasure from Nashelle
or both

park it at this perfect place, via bodie and fou

off to the farmer's market for baguette, via etsy

from Anthropologie

ready to snuggle in these chairs and poufy cushions, via Better Homes and Gardens

to journal wonderful thoughts like:
"I think everything in life is art. What you do, how you dress, the way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality, what you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea, how you decorate your home, or party; your grocery list, the food you make, how your writing looks, and the way you feel.
Life is art."
author unknown

f & n
feather & nest

country coffee and cream, via the paper mulberry

creamy sweetness

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6 Responses to You’re the Cream in My Coffee

  1. Nataly says:

    So many wonderful finds!

  2. emmasdesignblogg says:

    Thanks for linking! I really love that pic too, it’s great!

  3. Fabulous post (and new blog)!!!! Thank you so much for the mention and link too, I am honoured in such a post!
    Hugs from an old farmhouse – Glenda xxx

  4. Robin Clement says:

    Love those rings! And, where did you find the f & n, that was soooo perfect! Great blog today gals!

  5. Caroline Thompson Neal says:

    OMG….merci beaucoup J’adore

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