Ain’t She Sweet

wallpaper by Decor Maison sweetens up this camper

Donna Hay's sweet chocolate soufflés, via feedmeimhungry

pom pom sweetness, handmade rectangular pieced polka dot pillow by Jenny Elkins

say it with us: "Awwww..." original watercolor by Wildsun Art

sweetness of spring

sweet and modern chic

sweet gnomies via Butterfly Cove

Look for a sweet person. Forget rich.”  Estee Lauder

The Blushing in Pink Gown, via Ouma

citrine earrings, yellow gold with teardrop glass gem, via laalee

Ain't she sweet? JulieAnnArt, handmade greeting cards

"as she's walking down the street..." fairy light pink low waist long maxi skirt, Etsy

sweet sentiment

via Decor Pad

"Oh, I repeat, well don't you think that's kind of neat? Yes, I ask you very confidentially: Ain't she sweet?" The Beatles (and a little Alpha Phi sweetness)

delightful little mint green mini bowl with lovebirds sitting on the rim, via DarriellesClayArt

Boden sweet

hear that? be sweet to her!

zen sweetness

not bitter, sour, or salty...nope! they're SWEET! via SunshineFelt

California beach house via House Beautiful

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7 Responses to Ain’t She Sweet

  1. SunshineFelt says:

    So sweet collection!!!! Thanks for including my slippers 🙂

  2. Robin Clement says:

    So much to love about this one…I just can’t pick one…or two…or three things..and yes, she is sweet!

  3. Kelly says:

    Always brightens my day!

  4. patti says:

    Love it allllll!! And thank you, Coco, now I’ll feel so much better when I gussy up to run my errands.

  5. Caroline Thompson Neal says:

    Loving it, all of it!

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