We Predict: The Kitchen Hearth Trend

In our time together at Feather & Nest, there have been several occasions where we have looked at each other and said, “We called that!” So we are calling this one, out loud, to you. Do you think we’re right?

Celebrating the Heart of the Home

We are predicting a trend that includes the return of the kitchen hearth, in an eat-in kitchen environment, with a comfortable and intimate lounging area. So take the great room concept (huge living room, kitchen and dining room, all open) and shrink it, almost eliminating the living room. And add a wood burning fireplace and patio. In our concept, the essentials would be:

1. an open kitchen

2. a dining room table and chairs in the open kitchen (eliminating the kitchen island, in most cases)

3. a wood burning fireplace and hearth near the dining table

4. a comfortable, intimate seating area near the fireplace

5. and the elimination of the large living room but the addition of French doors near the hearth to fling open to a veranda or patio when the area gets too warm or additional space is needed for guests

We have rounded up some visually stunning kitchens to illustrate our prediction. While all beautiful, they each miss at least one of our essentials. (If we could find perfect examples, we wouldn’t be making much of a trend prediction! :)) If this concept is already taking root anywhere, it’s probably in Belgium. They really know what they are doing over there with kitchen design.

This is the very closest we can find for you to visualize our trend concept. (via Hedrich Blessing Photographers) Beautiful, right? Wouldn’t you want to snuggle in by the fire while your husband cooks? Or entertain with everyone gathered around instead of fighting over your three bar stools? The missing component here is a more comfortable seating area by the fireplace… just one or two more chairs or a sofa that feel like this:

via Cottage Haven Interiors

The next four examples, gorgeous in and of themselves, have the eat-in kitchen and fireplace. But as part of our trend prediction, they are missing the intimate seating area and the configuration to have it.

via Design Crisis

via high Street Market

via Home Bunch

via Modern Country Style

The following beautiful examples have the eat-in kitchen but are missing the hearth and the intimate seating area, at least as far as the eye can see in these angles.

via cococozy

via VT Interiors

via Haus Design

via Casa Sugar

via Cal Finder

via Things That Inspire

Are we on to something? You heard it here.

“You may be wrong, for all I know, but you may be right.” -Billy Joel

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18 Responses to We Predict: The Kitchen Hearth Trend

  1. Lovely white kitchen!

  2. Viera says:

    My style of kitchen designs :).Love your post and thanks for the mention.

  3. Hello Kristen and Jamie!

    Thank you for stopping by today and for the mentioning my blog. It’s wonderful!

    I love this post, not only for the stunning kitchens but also for reading your point of view. Really well done!

    I hope you guys have a very blessed weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. I wish I lived in most all of those beautiful kitchens… very inspiring!!

  5. Sheryl says:

    A big yes! If you have your living room right next to the kitchen it would be an easy remodel to open the wall. Hopefully the living room included a fireplace that would now be a part of your open kitchen. You girls rock!

  6. Robin Clement says:

    Love it!

  7. Love your blog, esp. the lovely white kitchen pics. Thanks for visting my blog as well. http://smallhouseunderabigsky.wordpress.com I appreciate your stopping by!
    Small House / Big Sky Donna

  8. Gloria says:

    The first photo is SO similar to the kitchen in our home in Naples, Fl. (I designed it, therefore got what I wanted!) Imagine how often we used that fireplace in a sub-tropical climate. But ahhhh, the ambience!

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