Took My Heart Completely

You’ve taken our hearts, completely. Thank you for stopping by for a listen and a look. What takes your heart today?

Matt Clayton Photography
via Pinterest
Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie via Molly McKibben

“She is my rock and my rolling thunder,
I’ve been the spell she was under,
I, I love that girl…”

via Damask and Design

via I heart Interiors

YUNILIsmiles , Etsy

via I love your crazy

via Lindsey Morkert

“She is the days I can’t get over
She is the nights that I call home
For you I’ll always wait”

Ideal Home Magazine
via All things nice…

by Kristen
Feather & Nest

house into home
via davinong

Mid Century Modern Fiberglass Bullet Planter
scoxx30 Etsy

Mackinac Island by Kristen
Feather & Nest

via Fashion Gossip

Eat Radishes: herb butter, toasted baguette and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt
by Kristen, Feather & Nest

The Prancing Fox, Etsy

“She came along and she spoke so sweetly,
Changed everything, took my heart completely,
I, I love that girl.”

Rustic Butter Dish
Just Work, Etsy

Côté Sud
via European Chic

Rustic Chic
via Linda Collins via Darlene Montague

via BILLblog… no holds BARRed!

love quotes
via tumblr

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie via Lindsey Morkert

“When I first saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.” – William Shakespeare

via tumblr

Hanging AirPlant Pod Planter
Michael McDowell, Etsy

Cellula Chandelier, Swarovski crystal, DWR
Jonathan Adler Salt and Pepper Birds
by Kristen
Feather & Nest

Three Nashelle Bracelets
by Kristen
Feather & Nest

its-your-weddings via Sharon Owen

Peter Dunham

For Nicole
(We love that girl.)
We vote black pergola!
via daily decorator

Vintage Pink Cameos Rhinestone Dangle Earrings
Vintage Girl at Heart, Etsy

John Rawlings on Flickr
via we heart it

“For you I’ll always wait.”

via all dolled up

We love these girls.

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10 Responses to Took My Heart Completely

  1. vlwmeck says:

    I love the post today, you know I always love love seeing your creative photos! Not to mention my beautiful lovely granddaughter.

  2. nicole says:

    ohhhh a black pergola! i’d never even considered that! i love that it’s different, and that i wouldn’t feel so pressured to paint the entire deck as much as i would if i went with white.. bravo ladies! and of course, i love you both too 🙂 and your fantastic blog. and Kristen, those peonies are gorgeous! one of my faves. and is that your house with the adorable exterior, flowers, and perfect view? it’s so lovely, just like you! oxo

    • Dreaming about having that house…it’s actually on Mackinac Island… No cars allowed, only bikes and horses…a little preserved piece of the past. In her youth, my grandmother was personal nurse to the hospital chief-of-staff there…it’s charming and there’s a lot of fudge, which makes it the perfect place. 😉

  3. You took my heart completely!!! Great song! One of my favorit posts! The dining room via Kristin…want to have a long wine filled dinner there! All of the images of the couples in love…oh to be young again!! Thanks girls!

  4. Gloria says:

    Abigail is so lovely! Whatever happened to that little three year old girl wrapped around my leg? Wasn’t it just last year? I predicted she’d look like Charlize Theron….well, they could be sisters! :O) Gloria

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