Off to the Farmer’s Market

Grilled Corn Panzanella

After an evening with family and friends at the Hanalei beach eating summer rolls, meatballs and moco-loco… and maybe a splash of wine… (Jamie)

And an evening with family and her three “summer sons,” Bend Elks baseball players, eating BBQ, potato salad and pie… and maybe a splash of wine… (Kristen)

We are going to crave fresh vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Here’s a fun little way to prepare them. We’re not saying anything about putting that wine away, though…

Market Bag + Fresh Flowers = Pure Joy
photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

Back home…
Photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

Now get this:

Just a little Waterford…
photo: Kristen, Feather & Nest

And fill with this.

Very important for making panzanella.
Photographed by Kristen.
Feather & Nest

Cut up all your fresh veg. Almost anything is good in panzanella: tomatoes, cucumber, basil, bell peppers, green beans, asparagus, corn and onions… and grill up the ones that need it.

Grilled and Mixed: Toss with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.
Photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

Grilled Corn and Red Onions
Fresh Tomatoes, Cucumber, Basil
photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

The tomatoes will start to release their juices. This is when you want to throw in some homemade croutons. Cube your old baguette and toss with Herbs de Provence, olive oil, salt and pepper in a hot skillet.

Mmmm…. toss in homemade croutons.
photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

Whether you have a veranda, a porch, a deck, a beach, a dock or a picket fenced in yard, go outside with someone you love. ♥

Photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

And eat

On top of some lettuce…
photo: Kristen
Feather & Nest

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9 Responses to Off to the Farmer’s Market

  1. Let’s do that when I return to Kauai!! Love the flowers!!

  2. patti says:

    And here I thought the wine was going into the panzanella. Ha! Silly me. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight! Looks delicious.

  3. Dana Miller says:

    Looks so good I am going to have to make it soon!

  4. Robin says:

    Ok, you know, I’m going to have to make Panzanella now. Yum! Pictures look great!

  5. And Kristen…the Sauvignon Blanc is soo you!! Looks delicious!

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