Farm to Table: Terrebonne, Oregon

You’ve seen the spreads in Bon Appétit: beautiful farm food, fresh from the vine, perfectly plated, with the visual freshness of nature’s bounty awakening your senses. They make you wish you were there. And they usually are in Italy. But local farm to fork events are popping up everywhere, and we were lucky enough to enjoy one right in Terrebonne, Oregon, The Longtable Dinner.

Have a listen here while you look.

The Longtable Dinner is a monthly event that Sarahlee Lawrence of Rainshadow Organics, Wendy DiPaolo of Willow Camp Catering and Rebecca Sokol started this past July.

Photo by Feather & Nest

Their purpose is to share this bounty of foods raised on Rainshadow Organic’s Farm.

Photo by Feather & Nest

With very few exceptions, all the food is grown on the farm. Occasionally they “import” some items, like Olive Oil from California. They also try to take advantage of local dairies and other locally grown products.

Photo by Feather & Nest

They serve their dinners at their Long Table, made from local Juniper, in the very fields the food is grown.


Photo by Feather & Nest

Photo by Feather & Nest

Rows of deliciousness.
Photo by Feather & Nest

Tomatillo Baskets with Heirloom Salsa
Willow Camp Catering
Photo by Feather & Nest

The cutest fella, eh-ver.
Photo by Feather & Nest

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Toasted Bread, Rainshadow Greens, Garlic and Terrebonne Vinaigrette
Photo by Feather & Nest

Photo by Feather & Nest

Photo by Feather & Nest

Photo by Feather & Nest

Chilled Roasted Beet Soup with Fennel and Dill
Photo by Feather & Nest

Sharing a farm dinner with dear friends; what could be better?
Photo by Feather & Nest

Roasted Home Raised Chicken with Rosemary, Garlic and Lemongrass
Summer Bean Medley
Baby Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes
Photo by Feather & Nest

They choose their menu at the last minute, seeing what is at its best in the gardens at that time.

Photo by Feather & Nest

Photo by Darcy Diamond

The response has been phenomenal, and they are booked well in advance. Call to make your reservations. Make this place your own.

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13 Responses to Farm to Table: Terrebonne, Oregon

  1. patti says:

    I adore Sarahlee and Rainshadow Organics! Their farmshare lets you pick up a basket of fresh, tasty deliciousness every week, and bring it on home. Gorgeous pictures of the farm. Such a lovely event.

  2. Robin says:

    Love it all!

  3. Kristi says:

    Looks so amazing! What beautiful pictures you took to capture such a special evening! I would love to visit some day…perhaps with Jamie girl!!

  4. Kristi says:

    Oh yea…one of my favorite songs!! Love that Phillip Phillips!!!

  5. Odette says:

    Love the photos, the song, Phillip Phillips, and of course, Feather & Nest! Can’t wait to book the Farm dinner!

  6. I wish I could experience this in person! Your pics are lovely and the whole thing just looks so beautiful. Love the song too, so merci!

  7. Thank you so much ladies! I’m so happy to share the farm with you 🙂

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